How to Make a Hologram in Photoshop

Holograms are Stickers and labels that are used to protect the products from counterfeiting and duplicity. With the increasing demand of holographic products in different industries, there are various manufacturers and suppliers of hologram products which are approachable all over the world. To create a hologram in Photoshop, one has to have the appropriate knowledge and basics of using it. By using several layers and effects, one can get a hologram made. Photoshop contains various adjustment bits and pieces and tools that one should be familiar with to make a hologram pattern and make it appear realistic. 

  1. Select an image you want to use. If you want to use the part of the image then use the “magic wand” tool to extract the subject from the rest of the image. When you click on this tool, a "Marching Ant" line will appear. Select the part and adjust the pixels to make a clean image. Now “delete” the rest of the unwanted image.
  2. By holding shift and clicking on the "Layers Palette", you will again get the "Marching Ant" line around your image. Now select "Photo Filter", present at the bottom of the "Layers Palette".
  3. Now select the color as per your requirements. The color could be blue, green, etc. as per your holograms wants. 
  4. Now click on the area’s layer to get "Layer Styles" option. This option will enable you to increase and decrease the glow of the image. You can choose different shades of the color you want.
  5. Open a new file and generate a digital picture with transparent background. Set the pixels accordingly by using the “pencil” tool. Go to “Edit" and then "Define Pattern", to name the pattern anything you want.
  6. Apply this pattern to your original image by selecting the "Paint Bucket" tool from the left toolbar, and select "Pattern" from the top toolbar. Choose the pattern made and take it inside the image. You can also create new layers.
  7. Now change the blend mode if you want and cover the image by clicking on "Normal" and selecting "Overlay". This will blend the scan lines into the hologram.
  8. Now save the image by going on “File” and your hologram is ready for use.


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